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Letters – Y5 Warneford DT & Science Activity – Mr Henley

Letters – Y5 Warneford DT & Science Activity – Miss Corsan

Letters – World Book Fair Day

Letters – Swimming letter Panther and Jaguar


Dance Festival

On Tuesday 9th February the children of the Performing Arts Club led by Mr Conlan and Miss Acres performed at the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon at the annual Swindon Schools Dance Festival. The children had to create a 3 minute dance based on a medley of musicals and did a fantastic job choreographing a dance with sections of Hairspray , Joseph and the Lion

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Seahorse – Learning about plants

This term we have been learning all about plants, in the last week of the term we had great fun looking at different bulbs. We have come to the end of our science unit looking at plants and growing.   Our focus for the lesson was to look at plant ‘bulbs’ and their properties. We started the lesson by re-capping what we had looked

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I hope everyone has an amazing half term and will be ready for a new term! We have worked so hard in Octopus class learning about pandas and Asia this week. Take a look at these photos as we have been researching and learning facts all week. We also know where different features are in an information text including:  sub heading, bullet points, picture/photo,

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Holiday Consultation

Read the results of the Holiday consultation here.  

Whole School – The Swindon Wild Cats

The Wildcats in the community is a community interest company not for profit making organisation established in June 2008 with links to the Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Team. The company has identified the following core objectives: – Develop links with children from local communities throughout the South West of England. – Encourage participation and a healthy lifestyle – Improve provision of sports education within schools – Combat child

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Devastating Debating!

Leopard and Osprey classes went head-to-head this week in a passionate debate over the motion: ‘The library in Highworth is no longer useful and should be closed.’ Both classes learnt how to formulate well reasoned arguments for and against the motion and greatly enjoyed learning the art of a devastatingly witty rebuttal. During the course of the week they honed their debating skills by

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