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PTA – Easter Bonnet Competition

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School Council – Easter Cake Sale

This week our Year 6 Tuck Shop Ambassadors helped make Easter biscuits and cakes to sell at tuck shop. As you can see by the queues they were very popular and enjoyed by everyone!

The Den – Newsletter Term 4

The Den – Money Skills

Today we used all of the money skills we have been practicing over the past few weeks to visit our local shop. We were each given 50p to spend and we were able to choose an item to buy. Mrs Jeynes asked us to count out the money needed to buy our item before joining the queue to pay. We used all of our

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Newsletter March 2016

Newsletter March Parents Meetings Thank you to everyone who attended the parent sessions last week to discuss their child’s progress. We know that the relationship between home and school is a very important one: working together ensures learning and progress is maximised for your child. Thank you to the parents who completed the questionnaire available. This time we were consulting on the structure of

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Seahorse – Florence Nightingale

This term we have loved learning about ‘People of the Past’. We focused on Florence Nightingale and why she was famous. We have learnt how important her role was during the Crimean War. We acted out different parts of her life and wrote thought bubbles for what the different people might have been thinking. We thought about how scared the soldiers must have felt

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Osprey – Oliver’s Tweet

Oliver has told us that he enjoyed learning about how to launch rockets using baking soda and vinegar.

PTA – Easter Bonnet Competition

Letters – Easter Holiday Club


Clubs – Science Club Week 7

Crazy Kites! This was our last Science Club adventure this term, and what a way to finish! Having previously explored the various aerodynamic properties of paper aeroplanes the boys and girls today discovered that even greater heights could be achieved with kites! Using nothing more than paper, tape, sticks, strings and ribbon they created kites that flew remarkably well. The children worked in teams

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