Monthly Archives: April 2016

Lebanon Hands Project

Our links with Loubiah Public School in Lebanon have continued with a joint project on hands. The first part of the project has seen children from both schools decorate blankets with felt hands. Each hand has been decorated with words and pictures of what is special to that child. The children also looked at a series of photos taken by a Syrian refugee in

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Clubs – Gardening Club

Gardening club has restarted for the year. We met for the first time on Tuesday and started on the rocket seed project. We have two packets of rocket seeds, one packet has spent 6 months on the International Space Station and the other has stayed on Earth. We have now planted the seeds and will be watching to see if one packet grows more

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Celebration Assembly 22nd April

The Den – Road Safety

Today in life skills we practiced our Road Safety, we watched a video about safe places to cross the road and learnt a song. We practiced our shopping skills by visits the local pet shop to order our school chicken food, before practicing our crossing schools outside the school gates. We all tried hard to remember our skills and the words from the song,

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Kestrel Class – Our class pet

On Wednesday, we had a new class member arrive. Her name is Mango.

Kestrel Class – What Home Means To Me

This week, we spoke about what home means to us and what it feels like to be safe. We then drew around our hands onto felt which we cut out. We then wrote on the felt hand about what home means to us.

Delancey UK School Chess Challenge

The UK Chess Challenge began in 1996 and was an immediate success, with 700 schools entering, involving approximately 23,000 children. By 2006 numbers competing had more than trebled to 74,000. The structure of the tournament is simple, allowing the most inexperienced players to compete in the early stages, yet testing the mettle of the finest at the end. Westrop Primary School have been competing

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Octopus Class – A Refugee Camp

Octopus Class have been exploring what it might be like for refugees living in a refugee camp. We looked at pictures of some refugee camps and talked about how people must feel when they have to leave their homes and sometimes their families. The children then built emergency shelters within the classroom. We then examined an actual rations box that the army distribute to

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Debate Club – Battle Royale

This week the first meeting of the debating club has taken place. The children have learnt that a debate is a formal argument contest between two teams or individuals. It is a way for those who hold opposite views to discuss difficult issues without descending to insult, emotional appeals or personal bias. We’ve played some fun games such as: debate tennis, debate boxing and

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Leopard Class – What Price Progress

This week the children in Leopard class have been learning about inventions and creating some of their own! We’ve seen a wide variety of ideas including stealthy cars, intelligent watches and coats that do unexpected things. The children have discovered that the world we live in contains thousands of inventions that continue to evolve around us. We are excited to be embarking on some

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