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School Council – Meet The Govenors

At 6pm on Tuesday 28th June 2016, some of the school council spoke to the governors about their achievement this year. The children made a power point which they were able to share and talk about. [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”filmstrip” title=”false” desc=”false” img_in_row=”3″ display=”all” sort_by=”pic_name” animation_effect=”none” image_width=”600″ album_title=”false” album_id=”42″]

Sports Day

We were very lucky with the weather for our Sports Day.  The children all tried their best and had great fun taking part in the activities. They had lots of practice with their teachers leading up to the day in order for them to have a really good go at each event. Thank you to all the parents that came and supported their children.

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Osprey Class – Fantastic Forces!

Another area of Science we have been looking at is forces. We looked at several videos to show us what friction, gravity and air resistance do and we had a chance to carry out some experiments. Our first investigation was looking at the scientific arguments of Aristotle and Galileo. We investigated whether heavier objects fell quicker to the ground than lighter objects by using

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Osprey Class – Danger! Low voltage!

Recently, we carried out some work to do with Electricity. We looked at how traffic lights work and different types of circuit. All of the class had a go at doing their own investigations such as how many potatoes does it take to light up a light bulb! It took a lot of resilience for us to make sure we kept going and got

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Osprey Class – Pop Art Wallpaper

Last term we finished our Art Topic by creating a print. We made different parts of the shape using string on cardboard.  We repeated the pattern in order create a wallpaper for our bedroom. Some of us found the hardest part was sticking the string into the shape we wanted. Others found it difficult to print the shape with different layers as we had

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School Council – Award

Thank you for submitting your project in to the Speaker’s School Council Awards 2016. I am delighted to inform you that the judges of this year’s Speaker’s School Council Awards have selected your school council’s project as highly commended. We would like to congratulate your students on receiving this special recognition from the judges. To celebrate your students’ achievement please see attached a digital

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Newsletter June 2016

Newsletter June Dear Parents The term is speeding by and there are still lots of events on our calendar! Please make sure you visit the website regularly so that you don’t miss anything! TD Day Friday 1st July is a Teacher Training Day for staff when they will be very busy writing reports for all the children in their classes. Reports will come out to

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Kestrel Class – Bike Ability

Celebration Assembly 24th June

Panther Class – Mrs Christopherson’s Garden Area

We have transformed Panther’s patio area with help from various children in the year three class. We have planted potatoes, peas, lettuce and herbs. We can see how much they grow every week and look forward to a good crop.