Monthly Archives: June 2016

Seahorse Class – Fruit Kebabs

What a fantastic first week back at school! The children loved making fruit kebabs as part of their Literacy and their D&T. The children tried different fruits even if they weren’t sure they would like it. In Literacy they were writing poems using their 5 senses they created a word bank thinking about similes and onomatopoeia words they could use. The children then shared

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The Den – Life Skills

This week in Life Skills we had a go at cooking a toasted snack. We used the toaster to cook our own toast and then put on our own toppings. We were really proud of ourselves for making our own snacks. We chose toppings such as cheese, beans or jam. We used a lot of skills we have learnt over our past year in

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The Den – Mini Skills

This week in Mini Skills we had a go at doing some cooking, we enjoyed putting all of the ingredients in the bowl and taking it in turns to mix it together. We were really good at washing up and cleaning up afterwards. Later on we enjoyed eating our crispy cakes as a treat.

The Den – Midi Skills

This week we went on our first community visit to the local pet shop to order some food for our school chickens. Before leaving we talked about keeping safe. The children used their very best manners to ask for the food and made Mrs Jeynes and Mrs Smith really proud. We are looking forward to going on other adventures soon.