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Kestrels Class – Maths Work

Here is some of the maths work we have completed in class.

Kestrels Class – Recycling

This term, we looked at recycling and made models from rubbish. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”228″ gal_title=”2016/17 Kestrels Recycling”]

School Council – Anti Bullying Poster

School Council – Anti Bullying

This term at Westrop Primary school, the school council have taken the anti-bullying message out into the schools of Swindon. The school council have worked alongside the STEP project and Nythe Primary school to create an anti-bullying vision, poster and rap. The children from the school council created a power point presentation about anti-bullying and why it is good to be different. The Westrop

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Koalas Class – Recycling Display

This term the whole school has been looking at recycling. This is a project we have been doing in tandem with our partner school in Lebanon. Koala class have been writing letters to Greenpeace and learning about the work they do to protect the environment. We have written information texts about animals of the ocean and how plastic pollutes the waters of the world.

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Koalas Class – Walk Around Highworth

To start our topic on Building a settlement (Anglo-Saxons), Koala class went for a walk around Highworth. We were looking for the oldest buildings in the town and also for clues to show whether a building was modern or old. The oldest stone we found was the tympanum in St Michael’s church which was created at the end of the Anglo-Saxon period. We also

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Koalas & Eagles Class – TT Races

Koala and Eagle classes were visited by Mrs Christopherson’s cousin Simon. As a school we have been learning about the Isle of Man. Simon brought three of his motorbikes to school. He demonstrated the bikes on the playground and talked about the importance of safety. He then showed the children photos of his recent experiences in the pit stops at the TT races. The

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Wallaby Class – Half term challenge

Reading is really important. It helps you become better at writing, and it’s really fun! Over the half term holidays, I would like you to take a picture of yourself reading in the weirdest, wackiest place! You could take a picture of yourself reading at the park, at the dentist, at the shops or at a friend’s house… anywhere! There will be a reward

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Seahorse Class – Recycling Robots

This term we have been thinking about recycling and why it is so important, the children discussed why it is important for the environment. We wrote recycling acrostic poems and wrote a letter to Mc Donald’s trying to persuade them to look after the environment. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”225″ gal_title=”2016/17 Seahorse Robots”]

Eagle Class – Look After Your Teeth

Today Mrs Maule, an Oral Health Promoter, visited our class. We learnt about the structure of teeth, the process of decay, names of hidden sugars and how we can look after our teeth. We finished by playing a game that showed how much sugar is in some of our favourite foods.