Monthly Archives: December 2016

Pebble Class – Sprout Stories

Koala class have been busy creating their very own sprout stories. Thursday morning Pebble class were very lucky to be visited by Koloa class to listen to their stories. The children loved the stories about the sprouts and found them very funny! Well done Koala class!

Pebble Class – Christmas Party

On Thursday Pebble class had their very own Christmas party! We started off with enjoying some lovely food and then had a dance to some Christmas songs. The children loved dancing with each other and singing along to the music. We then played some party games and we all enjoyed playing pass the parcel. The children loved the party and said they wanted one

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Shell and Pebble Class – Christmas Dinner

Shell and Pebble enjoyed their Christmas dinner! The children loved wearing the party hats and singing along to the Christmas music.

Kites & Kestrel Class – Recycling

This term, we made monsters out of everyday objects that would have been thrown away. These have now been added to recycling displays around school.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”270″ gal_title=”2016/17 Kestrels Reycle”]

Koala class – Geodesic domes

Koala Class split into two for the afternoon of our topic exit. They constructed Geodesic domes! The children used lots of different skills including maths measuring and 3D shape construction as well as communication, co-operation and team building skills. We had a fantastic afternoon and learnt lots.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”265″ gal_title=”2016/17 koala class geodesic domes”]

Wallaby Class – Christmas Jumpers

Wallaby class looked great in their Christmas jumpers on Friday!

Kite & Kestrels Class – Christmas Jumpers

Kestrels & Kites Class – Cooking

Today in school we made fudge to go in our Christmas boxes.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”261″ gal_title=”2016/17 kestrels and kites cooking”]

Whole School Christmas Dinner 2016

On Monday 12th 2016, it was our Christmas lunch we had lovely food, Christmas music and a great time.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”260″ gal_title=”2016/17 xmas dinner 2016″]

Koala & Shell Class – Koalas sharing sprout stories with Shell class

Koalas have been very busy creating sprout stories this term. Thursday morning they shared these with Shell class. The children listened to them as they read the stories to individual children and in small groups. Some of the children found the stories quite funny and enjoyed looking at their illustrations. Mrs Hopwood enjoyed them too, it was nice to see the amazing story writing

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