Monthly Archives: February 2017

Kangaroos Class – Tweets

Kangaroos Class – Investigating the digestive system

Kangaroo class had a messy afternoon investigating what happens in the digestive system. They took part in a class demonstration using household items to show how each part of the digestive system works. We used a sandwich bag, bread, liquid, saucepans, tights for the intestines and a tray for the body. The children had to squeeze the food through the parts of the body

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Celebration Assembly 24/02/17

Wallabies Class – The Digestive System

We have been learning all about the digestive system, and the journey of the food we eat. Using things we found in school, we made a model of the digestive system. Everyone got involved and it was a bit disgusting, but it was really great to see the process in action! First, we mashed the food in the mouth (rolling pins and a bag).

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Kestrels & Kites Class – Science Work

Here is some of our Year 6 science work; the children have been working very hard on their science. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”287″ gal_title=”2016/17 Kestrel Class – Science”]

Founders Day 2017

Members of Scouting and Guiding clubs were allowed to wear their uniforms to school for Thinking/Founders day on the 22nd February.

Octopus Class – The eggs have hatched!

Our dinosaurs have hatched!!! Amongst all the hu-bub of personal learning jobs and getting ready for the day, a few of us made a discovery. The air was soon buzzing with the news that lots of the eggs had cracked!! We could barely contain our excitement leaving them in their nest for guided reading and phonics, before setting about exploring our eggs during our

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Koalas Class – What happens to food in your body?

Koalas have been investigating what happens to the food we eat once it has been swallowed… we had a wonderfully messy afternoon with some fantastic exploration and conversations. Every Koala participated (even if they thought it was gross) and produced a story board for the ‘journey of food’.

Octopus Class – Hunting for living and non-living things

For our science topic ‘Live and Let Live’ we have been thinking about things that are living and non-living. Following our interactive story involving Mrs Gren, we found out that little bubbles don’t mean bubbles can have babies (and are living), shop doors opening do not mean shops are alive (and can move) and balloons getting bigger when we blow them up does not

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Octopus Class – An egg-citing discovery

We’ve made an EGG-CITING DISCOVERY! Ahead of our upcoming topic (Weeks 3-7) on dinosaurs, we found in our outdoor area an Ankylosaurus (identified by Austin) and some fossilised dinosaur eggs. We passed them around and inspected them and found that one was cracking open! With the help of Harry, Miss Rogers was able to excavate the dinosaur baby from the fossilised egg. He was

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