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Celebration Assembly: 28th April 17

Wallabies Class: Ancient Egyptians Topic

Last term when we started our Ancient Egyptians topic, we mummified some apples by adding bicarbonate of soda and salt to an apple and wrapping it in linen. We left it for weeks, and unwrapped them today. It was GROSS! The apples had mummified as they had dried out and shrunk, however they had also grown mould!  It was really cool though. (Miss Hine

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Koalas Class: Apprentices’ of Anubis

The children have had a fabulous exit point for our topic today as they became apprentices’ for Anubis himself! Children were given a corpse (a Barbie doll) and were given the task of mummifying it by carefully wrapping the body in bandages.[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”322″ gal_title=”2016/17 Koalas Apprentices of Anubis”]

Eagles Class: Parthenon Building

This term Eagle Class topic has been Ancient Greece. In groups they spent an afternoon designing and then constructing Greek temples.

Eagles Class: Musical Activities

Eagle Class have been learning about rhythm and pitch in music.  We have been playing activities that help us determine the rhythm in the song Mamma Mia.  We have learnt that rhythm can be fast, slow, smooth, bumpy, long or short.

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Kestrels Class: Easter Trail

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Holiday Club: Easter Day 2 – Build a natural chickens nest

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Holiday Club: Easter Day 2 – Easter baskets and Easter cakes

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Holiday Club: Easter Day 1 – Make a bunny mask

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