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Butterflies Class: Class Photo

Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Visit from the Church

This week we had a visit from St. Michaels church to tell us a poem all about Harvest. The children were told about a poem called ‘This is the Harvest God made’  and to help learn the poem the children got to act out the different parts of the poem and learn different actions. We’re looking forward learning all about Harvest over the next

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Ladybird Class: Newsletter Sept 17

Dragonflies Class: Class Photos…

School Council: Macmillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 29th September, the school council at Westrop Primary school organised a coffee morning for Macmillan cancer support. We raised £188.14. A variety of cakes were donated and sold. We held a sweepstake to guess the height of the highest cake. We have raised £35 from this. Children and parents came to the hall. There were lots of family fun time while eating

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Owls Class: Creating a Lunar Racing Game

Owl class have had lots of fun this week creating their own space race game. They used the software scratch to design their game. They began by making a space theme background, once that had been created they designed their own moon rovers or space rockets to go on the race track. After that they began to programme their game.

Kangaroos Class: Arty week

We have had lots of fun experimenting with different media such as sketching pencils, watercolour pencils, poster paint and oil pastels. The children looked at painting flowers and the artist Henri Rousseau before creating their piece of works of a half photo/half drawing self-portrait for display. I’m very impressed with their efforts.

Kangaroos Class: Irish Giant storytelling week

Last week we had a great time looking at the story of the Irish Giant. We spent time telling the story to lots of different people to make sure that we remembered it. We also did some drama outside, making the most of the sunshine, then performed to the class. The children really enjoyed the talking side of the lessons and making sure their

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Kangaroos Class: Waterproof rocks experiment

Today, children in Kangaroo class took part in an experiment to find out which types of rock were the most waterproof. They worked in groups of 6 to prepare their equipment and write up what they found out in their conclusion. Here are some photos of their investigation.

Cheerleading club

The cheerleading club has already made great progress with lots of boys and girls interested in taking up the sport. Currently the KS2 squad is made up of 17 year 3 and 4s and 19 year 5 and 6s. The children involved have learnt lots of new moves and lifts from Miss Acres and Miss Francis. The older children are also preparing a dance

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