Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ladybird Class: 2 Year Olds

Kangaroos Class: How to build an earthquake proof building…

Kangaroos had a very sticky end to last term when they had the challenge of building the tallest, most secure structure they could only using spaghetti and marshmallows. They had a great time working in teams with a time limit and thinking about the best way to get the highest structure.  The structures were tested by shaking the table and almost all of the

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PGL 2017: Giant Swing

Butterflies, Dragonflies & Ladybird Classes: EYFS Sharing Assembly

On the last day of term we had a very special afternoon where Ladybird, Butterfly and Dragonfly class all got together for an assembly where we shared work we have been doing and gave out some special certificates. Butterfly and Dragonfly class shared some songs about the work we have been doing in class and at the end of the assembly we all learnt

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School Clubs: Christmas Songs

When Christmas comes to town P1 When Christmas comes to town P2

PGL 2017: Climbing Wall

Owls Class: Mars Rovers

To complete our Mission to Mars topic we designed and made our own mars rovers. We worked in groups to make the Mars Rovers. We had to think about what materials would work best on Mars and why. To make our Mars Rovers we used junk modelling. Look at how amazing our Mars Rovers look!

Eco Council: Rivers of the World Workshop

Today Eco Council went to East Wichel School to take part in a Rivers of the World Workshop. We looked at where rivers are located on the map, watched a role play and took part in a river quiz. We even got to play a rivers bingo game. We were quite shocked at how many rivers in the world are polluted.

Turtles Class: Castle Architects

Throughout the past few weeks we have been fine-tuning our knowledge about castles and how they are built. After having looked at the different parts of a castle, labelling features such as the keep, tower and ramparts, we then went on to think about how castles have changed over time. We used these facts to think about the defensive and structural advantages and disadvantages

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Owls, Falcons & Kites Classes: Non PGL- Fun Squad

Whilst our friends were away at PGL we had a great time painting our Highworth Rocks, making and then enjoying eating rocky road, Origami making and decorating. We also created a Mars surface using paper mache to test the Mars Rovers previously made at school. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”362″ gal_title=”2017/18 Non PGL”]