Monthly Archives: November 2017

Kangaroos Class: Kangaroos learn about Parliament

Today, Kangaroos and the rest of KS2 learnt about how members of parliament make laws. If you are a MP you are elected by the public. If you are in the house of lords you are selected for being talented in your job. He split us into two groups and they were called house of lords and house of parliament. We had to decide

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PTA Christmas Fundraising Events

Pantomime at the Wyvern

Octopus Class: Warwick Castle

Kangaroos Class: Amazing Stone Henge trip

Kangaroos had an amazing time on their trip to Stone Henge. They thoroughly enjoyed all the activities on such a windy day. They had a chance to visit the stones, walk around a very interesting and interactive museum and also take part in activities linked with the history of the site. Children made a wattle fence, some rope made from vines and attempted to

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Dolphins Class: Warwick Castle trip

Today Dolphin class and the rest of Key Stage 1 went on a trip to Warwick Castle to close our topic of Knights and Castles. We took part in four main activities including visiting the time tower, going to see the trebuchet, getting lost in the Horrible Histories maze and exploring the battlements. Throughout this time, most of us in Dolphin class managed to

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Turtles Class: Warwick Castle

As an exciting end to our Knights and Castles topic, Key Stage 1 had the chance to visit Warwick Castle to see all their knew found knowledge come to life. On arriving at the Castle our first port of call was to take part in the Horrible Histories Maze. The children loved following the twists and turns and seemed content on getting us lost

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Turtles Class: 3D Sweet Shapes

Today in Miss Rogers’ maths group we started our new topic with an exciting (and edible) activity. The children took part in an immersion activity for 3D shape with a set of build-it tasks set by Mario. As well as being able to name 3D shapes, children are required to be able to label and identify the number of edges, vertices and faces. To

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Butterflies Class: Tree Rubbings

Our topic this term has been ‘Once Upon A Time’ and lots of the stories that we have been reading are set in the forest. We decided to get our wellies on and go and explore our woodland area some more. We also wanted to see what had changed from last time as the last time we went was at the beginning of Autumn.

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Falcons & Owls Classes: The Two Steve’s

The children of Year 5 went to Southfield school for an afternoon with the two Steve’s. The two Steve’s are the very funny and creative authors of the I hero adventure books. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and even had the chance to get our books signed.