Monthly Archives: November 2017

Visit from local MP

The children of Key Stage 2 were lucky to have a surprise visit from local conservative MP Justin Tomlinson. The children listened to his policies and were shown in a very creative manner how a law is passed in the United Kingdom. As a key stage we thank Justin for his visit and hope his sport in schools policy is passed. Thank you again

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Owls Class: Christingle Workshop

Today in Owl Class we were very lucky to have the church come in and do a christingle workshop with us. Bella from the church told us the story of the first chirstingle that was made, we also spoke about light and dark in the world. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”369″ gal_title=”2017/18 Owls christingle”]

Kangaroos Class: Year 4 design their own stone age farm

This afternoon, Year 4 had a great time working in small groups to design and make a stone age farm. They learnt about how the first farmers grew crops and made more permanent houses. The children worked well in their teams and communicated what they thought the farm design needed. At the end of the lesson, each group presented their farm and explained why

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Dolphin Class: Rivers Day

On Wednesday 1st November, we had a Rivers day. In Dolphin class the first thing we did was design our Mono-prints. We then had 5 carrousel activities for the morning where we explored rivers in different ways. One activity was colouring different animals found in the habitat of a river, another was reading books and looking at maps of rivers and different animals found

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Kites Class: Mystery Story writing

Here are our wonderful stories, we have put a lot of effort into writing these.

Turtles Class: Class Photo

Ladybird Class: News of the week

November Newsletter

Koalas Class: Maths and ICT

Coding and directions We have had the most fun in maths! We have been looking at right-angles as a turn and property of shape. Children explored this further by using algorithms and programming them into a bee-bot. If the algorithms had been programmed and followed correctly the bee-bot should have drawn a particular pattern.

Koalas Class: Music

Glockenspiel This week in music Koalas have been learning how to play the glockenspiel! We have learnt how to hold a beater and how to strike a note/bar to make a clear sound. We have paid particular notice to the notes D and E and how it looks on sheet music and how it should sound.