Monthly Archives: November 2017

Owl Class: River Art Day

Owl class had a lovely time during river art day this week. They began their day by researching some of the longest rivers in the world and finding out facts about the rivers. Once they had completed this they began their marble river art. They had to marble paint three pieces of paper in different colours, one piece for a background, one piece for

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Turtles Class: Global Project River Art Day

Today Turtle class took part in a very exciting whole-school project. As part of our Global Schools Initiative we have been looking at rivers around the world and completing a piece of art in response. We started by looking at some videos of different rivers and finding out facts such as the longest river, what the start of a river is called (the source)

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Owls Class: Matilda Hot Seating

We have been looking at Matilda this week. We wrote some questions in our books that we could ask some of the characters from Matilda. In partners we then did some hot seating, one person asked the questions and then one person acted as a character. We hope you enjoy our videos.