Monthly Archives: March 2018

Falcons & Owls Classes: Visit to Shrivenham Defence Academy

Falcon and Owl Class had a great day visiting Shrivenham Defence Academy where they had the opportunity to see and compare different weapons, small artillery and tanks ranging from World War 2 to present day. They were lucky to be allowed to eat lunch whilst sat on the tanks. A big thank you to all the personnel from the Defence Academy to allow the children this amazing

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Dragonflies Class: Making Easter Gardens

Today, we had a visit from our friends from St. Michael’s church, who came to our classes to tell us the story of why we celebrate Easter. In the story, we learned about a king who rose from the dead and the people celebrated it! This king, Jesus, was buried in a tomb in a garden, so we made an Easter garden all of

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Wicked Wakeup Westrop Dancers

We would like to introduce the WWWD’s (Wicked Wakeup Westrop Dancers) here is half of the fabulous crew demonstrating the first dance for term 5! So you can have a go at home. Look out for the 2nd dance of the term in week 3 of term 5. I am sure they will have you shimmy and shaking in no time!

Falcons & Owls Classes: World War II Day

To finish our topic,Falcon and Owl class enjoyed coming in for a day dressed up as people from WWII. Both classes took part in various activities in the hall. We were lucky that Mr John Harvey (Ella’s grand-dad) came in to share his experiences and answer questions from the children about growing up during the war.

Dragonflies Class: Space Day

We had an amazing time on our space day. Butterfly and Dragonfly class all looked fantastic dressed up in our space costumes, with some great effort put in by parents! Amongst the fun activities, we made stars and planets, set off rockets, and threw asteroids! It was really nice for Key Stage 1 to join in with us as well, and we’ve been back

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Turtles Class: Space Day

Octopus Class: Space Day!

To finish our topic, we had a whole day focused on space! We got to dress up for the day and take part in numerous activities before finishing the day with a glow in the dark space disco!

Octopus Class: Making Rockets!

As part of our space topic, we have been experimenting with different resources to make our own rockets and launch us out of this world!

Koala class: Mr/Mrs Benn Dress up

In literacy we have been looking at adventure stories, and who better to explore adventures with than Mr Benn! We have introduced Koala class to Mr Benn and how his adventures occur. We spent last week looking at an adventure in close detail. This week the children will be writing their own….But not before they visit our very own curious costume shop!  Here are

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Kites Class – Holding New Chicks

Kite Class had the privilege of holding our new chicks today.  What a treat!