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Octopus Class: A Lion visits Westrop!

Breaking news! A lion had escaped from Cotswold Wildlife Park and was heading straight for Westrop! Luckily, the children produced some super wanted posters and we caught the lion without any trouble.

Newsletter: April 2018

Ladybird Class: Term 5 Topic Web

Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Term 5 Topic Web

Falcons & Owls Classes: Term 5 Topic Web

Kangaroos Class: Problem solving sports at Warneford

Kangaroos had a fun morning taking part in 12 stations of problems to be solved at Warneford school. They were put into groups with children from other schools and got along really well together. They had to work together and communicate effectively to solve the problem. Everyone had a great time and some new friends were made too!

Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Fun in the sun!

Today we made the most of the sunny weather and went outside on the field for an ice cream and some fun. We all really enjoyed the choc ices even though most of it ended up around the children’s mouths!

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Competition Entry for Highworth May Day Fete 2018