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KS2 Choir Songs

Please learn as many songs as you can over the holidays.  Abba    Clouds    A Million Dreams    I Wanna Be Like You    Listen To My Song    Hello Song  

Infant Music Festival Songs 2018

Please learn as many of the music festival songs as you can over the holidays.  All around my hat The Salley Gardens   Early one morning – Over the hills and far away   Suo gan   Charlie is my darling- Loch Lomond   Cockles and Mussels – Danny boy   Skye boat song    Roll the old chariot along   Little April Shower

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KS2 Choir

Infant Music Festival

Falcons Class: Learning about how Muslims pray

This term Falcon Class have been learning about the Muslim faith. Mrs Darhali came in to share her experience and knowledge of Islam. She spoke about the five pillar of Islam, and played the Adhan (the Muslim call to prayer). Mrs Darhali taught us how to say hello and good-bye in Arabic. She then explained about the different prayer positions (rak’ah) before performing a

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Newsletter: May 2018

Kangaroos Class: Ecuadorian art in the style of Felix Arauz

Kangaroos class have been looking at the country of Ecuador this term as their host country. They did some beautiful art in the style of Felix Arauz using oil pastels. They did a draft self-portrait first in their art sketchbooks then had a go at recreating it before using oil pastels to give it some vibrant colour.

Owls Class: Diversity Hands

In Owl Class we have looked at an artist from Ecuador called Oswaldo Guayasamin, this artist created a famous painting called Diversity Hands. Guayasamin’s art really speaks to the ever changing and diverse artistic youth. He is considered one of the best painters in South America. Owl class had a go at replicating his Diversity Hands artwork. We hope you like it!

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