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Newsletter: July 2018

Butterflies Class: Talent Show

Butterflies entry for the talent show! Some of the children in Butterflies decided they wanted to be in the talent show so the children got together and made up their own dance to one of their favourite songs. The children were fantastic and so brave to perform in front of all those people. Well done!

Butterflies Class: End of Year Certificates

The children all received their own end of certificate. We are so proud of you all!

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Kangaroos Class: Minecraft World Building

Last week Kangaroos had a great time building their own Minecraft worlds out of paper. We then used those worlds to make a setting description and write a story about our character going on a quest in their Minecraft world. All the children worked well in their group to get their designs made in the time limit.

Kangaroos Class: Air Tattoo Fun

Kangaroos were one of the lucky KS2 classes that got to go to the Air Tattoo at Fairford on Friday 13th July. They were in small groups with their friends and had a great time visiting all the different aircraft and watching the air displays. The weather was great until it was time to go home when we had some refreshing rain. Thank you

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Swindon Town Football Workshops

KS1 and KS2 have had the wonderful opportunity to learn some football skills with coaches from Swindon Town Football club. The coaches were very friendly and helped everyone learn something new about football. Everyone had a great time taking part.  

Turtles Class: Decorating our sea biscuits

What a brilliant afternoon! Today we added our under-the-sea designs to our biscuits which Miss Rogers baked for us last night. We used a range of goodies to re-create our pictures such as chocolate chips for rocks and coral, laces for octopus legs and jelly fish tentacles, strips for seaweed and moulding icing to make a range of ocean critters. We think they look

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Turtles Class: Baking Cookies

Today in Turtle Class we tried our hand at being the next ‘star bakers’.  We decided to re-create some of the snacks from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, and thought that some biscuits would be a good place to start. We worked together in our colour teams to follow the recipe and take it in turns to carry out each step. Creaming butter and sugar

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