Monthly Archives: July 2018

Turtles Class: Holiday Clues

Today in Turtle class we ‘dressed up our writing’. We have been thinking about exciting ways to show all the writing techniques that we have learnt in Year 2. Today each team had a suitcase with some holiday props and photographs in to try and write exciting sentences about. We used the clues to write exciting sentences using subordinating conjunctions such as ‘if,’ ‘when’

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Kangaroo Class: Code breaking pupils

Kangaroos have been working on creating their own code-breaking school for the past two weeks. They have made persuasive leaflets to advertise their school and even filmed their own T.V adverts. Yesterday they made some radio adverts and made them sound very exciting. They also tried to persuade Mrs Acres to open a code-breaking school by having a debate and writing a persuasive letter

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Falcons & Owls Classes: Deforestation news reports

Falcon and Owl Class joined together to film their news reports about deforestation in the rainforests.  They worked together in small groups helping with auto-cues, lighting, and music.

Dolphins Class: Crazy Hair Day

Falcons Class: DT and Science at Warneford

Last week Falcon Class spent the morning at Warneford. We were welcomed by Mr Richardson ( a science teacher) who taught the children how to light a bunsen burner carefully and correctly.  The children then tested different chemicals to see how they reacted when placed in the flame of the bunsen burner. After Science the children moved to the textiles classroom and met Mrs

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Warneford Open Morning & Evening

Kangaroos Class: Crazy hair day

Kangaroos Class: Westrop succeed at Rounders Tournament

Year 5 & 6s took part in a very hot afternoon of rounders. They played two games against other Swindon schools and won both. They also showed great sportsmanship and teamwork. One year 5 got a special mention and medal for his good play. Everyone played very well despite the heat and enjoyed their afternoon representing Westrop. After all their practice in Bat and

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Kangaroos Class: Code breaking debate

Kangaroos had a great time debating whether Mrs Acres should open a code breaking school after reading a book about a group of children that become code breakers at Bletchley Park. As you can see from the photo they were very passionate about the side that they were debating for. The children came up with some excellent pros and cons and all took part

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