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Kangaroos Class: Topic Web Term 6

Koalas Class: Pizzas

This term, Koala class have been learning all about different foods as part of their topic ‘What’s on the menu?’ To end the unit of work, Koalas had a great time designing and making healthy pizzas. They chose from onions, peppers, sweetcorn, pineapple, cheese and ham. They cooked their pizzas and enjoyed eating them whilst discussing our favourite pizza toppings. Here are some pictures

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Young Wardens 2019

Kangaroos Class: Healthy pizza making day

Kangaroos had a very exciting time making healthy pizzas as part of their topic ‘What’s on the menu?’. They chose between sweetcorn, mushrooms or red and yellow peppers as their healthy toppings. Then they added lighter cheddar to melt on the top. It was great fun and we talked about how we should try new foods once and then twice just to make sure

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Kangaroos Class: Legge house residential

Kangaroos had a great time at Legge house in Wroughton last week. The weather was kind to us as we had a lovely sunny first day. The children took part in problem solving activities such as Golden Ball and Marble Run. Next was an exciting adventure walk where they got to run down a hill and enjoy the sunshine. They were extremely hungry and

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Kites and Kestrels Class: Topic Web Term 6


IMF Tickets and Practice

Year 6 Leavers’ Service and Prom

Legge House

Our first day at Legge House and all the children have had lots of fun in the sun! We started with a photo trail then after lunch went on a long walk in the countryside. There were lots of games played in free time as well as problem solving and team building activities. Everyone (including the teachers) have eaten loads and as soon as

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Owl Class: An Exciting Morning at Warneford

Owl Class visited Warneford this week for a morning of DT and Science workshops. We spend the first half of the morning doing some textiles. We created little keyring pouches with our choice of colours and designs. It was great fun; we learnt how to do a running stitch and we all came home with our own keyring. After break, we went into the

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