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60’s Fancy Dress Competiton

Westrop 50th Birthday Letter

The Westrop Bake Off

KS2 Choir: New Songs

Please learn for our concert on July 18th. Snow P1- Snow P2- Rule The World Voice- Rule the World Lyrics

Wombat Class: Ashmoleon Visit

On Monday, Wombat Class along with Koala and Kangaroo class went on a trip to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford. We were all very excited as we had been learning about the Anglo Saxons in previous terms, and now, we were in the presence of some real artefacts from hundreds of years ago. Our group started with a hands on investigation of an Anglo

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Kangaroos Class: Kangaroos have a great trip

Kangaroo class had a great time exploring the Ashmolean museum in Oxford this week. They got to look at different types of coins and even shared what they found with their classmates. Then we had a great workshop on looking at Anglo Saxon artefacts and trying to work out what they were used for. The children came up with some great ideas. After lunch

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Kite Class: Visiting Runner Jim Gump celebrates running 2222 miles

The children enjoyed the recent visit to our school by international long distance runner, Jim Gump.  They listened in awe at Jim Gump’s wonderful tales of his journeys around the world, and took part enthusiastically in a a running event organised by our visitor to celebrate him reaching 2222 miles.  We even made him an honorary ‘Kite’!  

Koala Class: Our Trip to the Ashmolean Museum

Koala class visited The Ashmolean Museum this week for a fun filled day of creating, sketching, observing and handling some Anglo Saxon artefacts. We spent the first half of the morning doing some studio crafts. We created our own Anglo Saxon coins and broaches for us to wear throughout the day, it was great fun. After our craft session, we toured the museum and

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Kangaroos Class: Argentinian solstice art

Kangaroos learnt about what happens during a solstice as our host country this term is Argentina. There is going to be a full solstice there on 1st July. The children did a great job using oil pastels to show an interpretation of the colours during a solstice. Here are some photos of some of their work.

Circus Workshop