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Kite Class: Electricity

In science this term Kite Class have been learning about electricity, they have learnt how electrical components are represented in diagrams. Using their current guided reading book, ‘The Explorer’, the children used their knowledge and skills to construct a ‘sensor’ circuit to detect if any dangerous wild animals enter the camp. Year 6 have also researched and created a booklet on Allessandro Volta,the Italian physicist who invented the electric battery.

Kite Class: The Highwayman

This term year 6 have read the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.  They wrote letters in role to either the Highwayman or Bess and  also wrote their own alternative ending to the poem. Kite class particularly enjoyed the final stanza where we find out that the ghosts of the Highwayman and Bess meet over and over again on winter nights.

Christmas Play Photos

Here are a few pictures that you are welcome to download of the Christmas Plays that took place in December. Butterfly and Ladybird Classes Ladybird Class Penguin Class 1 Penguin Class 2 Parrot Class Koalas Class 1 Koalas Class 2 Koalas Class 3 Koalas Class 4 Wombat Class 1 Wombat Class 2 Wombat Class 3 Wombat Class 4 Owl Class 1 Owl Class 2

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Choir KS1 and KS2: New choir songs

Please can both choirs learn the words and their harmony parts. Great Day – Great Day – Lyrics Let’s go fly a kite echo harmony track – Let’s go fly a kite echo melody track – Let’s go fly a kite Lyrics Lets Twist Again echo harmony track – Lets Twist Again echo melody track – Let’s Twist Again Melody_Lyrics_Chords It’s a long way

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Owl Class: Spring Term Topic Web

Key Stage 2 Grandparents Tea Party 2020

Owl Class: Haka

In dance, Owl class has been learning the Haka. Inspired by watching clips of this performed at rugby matches, this week, the children have been creating their own Hakas. They look pretty scary to me!

Owl Class: Christmas Baking

In the run up to Christmas, Owl class turned their hand to baking. Pastry was rolled out and mince pies made, along with different shaped Christmas cookies. These were all enjoyed at the Christmas carol concert. The children also made individual Christmas cakes which they expertly decorated before taking home to (hopefully) share with their families.

KS1: Welcome letter Spring Term

KS1: Spring Term Topic Web