Monthly Archives: February 2020

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Teachers practising their investigative skills

All the staff have been practising their working scientifically skills and have taken part in a workshop where the 5 different types of enquiry have been practised. We had a lot of fun that included making lava lamps, measuring pulses, watching paper flowers unfold in water, floating ink on milk and making balloon rockets. We’re now looking forward to trying out some new investigations

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Owl Class: Dissecting plants

Being very careful scientists, the children of Owl class have been dissecting flowers, drawing them and identifying all the different reproductive parts. There was a lot of very careful observing followed by drawing and labelling of the flower.  

Kite Class: The Explorer

Kite Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Explorer during Guided reading.  This is an exciting story of four children who find themselves stranded in the Amazonian Rain-forest. Their brave tale has inspired Kite Class to write their own diaries as if they were stranded themselves in The Amazon.  

Newsletter: February 2020

Kite Class: Electrical Game

Kite Class have really enjoyed designing and making an electrical game to test other peoples knowledge of mountains, rivers and biomes. The aim of the game was to match questions and answers to complete an electrical circuit.  If the player was successful, either a lamp would light or a buzzer would sound.

Kite Class: Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork

Kite Class have been looking at Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork. Whilst different tribes share similarities in the way they produce art, each tribe have their own identity. The children then created their own tribal artwork.  Using lino tiles, Year 6 then engraved a chosen design in preparation for printing next term.

Parrot Class: Check out our awesome wheels for Paddington Bear!

In Design Technology we have been learning about wheels, axles and how they attach to a chassis. We designed bodies for our vehicles carefully thinking about what we have learnt about London and Paddington Bear. We finished our project by turning the hall into the city of London where Paddington could road test them. We evaluated our designs saying what we liked and what

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Parrot Class: Oxford Science Day

We all enjoyed a science show on Friday morning where we learnt about the different properties of materials. We squirted a tissue paper umbrella, tested anchors and sorted bouncy materials. KS1 then had great fun making rocket mice learning about materials and forces.  

Christmas Jumper Day Fundraising

Thank you to everyone for the most awesome Christmas jumper day ever. You all help to raise a humungous £224.23.