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Kites and Kestrels Class: Topic Web Term 6


Kites and Kestrels Class: Exam Preparation Meditation

Exam Preparation Meditation 1 –   Exam Preparation Meditation 2 –

Kestrel Class: Poverty Home and Abroad

Earlier this term, as a whole school project, we looked at the theme of poverty home and abroad. Each class teacher chose a picture book and used this as a way of looking at different aspects of poverty. The written work and art the children produced was fantastic as can be seen in the wonderful class displays we have in school.

Kestrel Class: Human Heart Model

Today in science we explored the function and workings of the human heart, building a working model from: a jar, balloon,  a drinking straw and liquid. From the model we discovered that blood flow is not continuous but rather flows in squirts as the heart beats.

Kestrel Class:World Book Day

Today was world book day! We all came in fancy dress and had characters ranging from Harry potter to Winnie the Pooh! Some parents came up to year six with siblings to share stories. It was a supper end to a fab day.

Kites and Kestrels Class: Term 4 Topic Web

and Kes

Kestrel Class: Air Ambulance

Today we had a visit from Wiltshire air ambulance, we were taught what it is they do and the services they provide as well as learning how to give C.P.R and what to do if someone is choking.  

Kestrel Class: Portal Story Posters

As part of writing a portal story, the children identified what are the features of a portal story. Once this has been established, the children then created posters of what a good portal should include. The children then went on to write some fantastic portal stories of their own.

Kestrel Class: Christmas Jumper Day

Year 6 posing in their Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day.

Kestrels Class: Christmas DT

Here is a selection of some of the fantastic cards that Kestrel class designed and made themselves. For all children this activity took a lot of resilience, with constant re-threading of needles, but the results speak for themselves and were definitely worth the hard work.