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Kites Class: Our last days at Westrop

Year 6 had a fantastic last few days celebrating the end of their Primary School Years.  Toasting marshmallows over the fire, making smores, chatting in the Forest Area,  climbing trees and enjoying  pizza and ice creams. Good luck to all our Year 6’s as they move on to Secondary School!

Kites Class: Our Memories of Primary School

This week, Year 6 have been thinking about their time spent at Primary School.  The children drew  an illustrated timeline displaying staff and some of the fantastic memories that they have made over the last seven years.  Although we found it difficult to recall events further back, we surprised ourselves with how much we could remember and have learned over the years! The children also

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Kites Class: Moving up, designing our dream Secondary School

This week we have been discussing the transition to Secondary School.  We have talked about the similarities and differences the children will find between Primary and Secondary School. We looked at an aerial view of Warneford and then the children designed their own dream Secondary school.  Following our discussion on all the subjects taught at Secondary School, the children set their design into zones.

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Kites Class: Welcome Back!

It has been great to have some of our Year 6 back!  We have researched and created fact files on William Shakespeare’s life.  We have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about his life and the wonderful plays he wrote.  As you can see we have also been making the most of the fantastic weather, playing within our allocated zone-  the Forest Area.

Kite Class: World Book Day

Today we have been allowed to come to school either in our pyjamas or dressed as a book character. Kite Class had a great time discussing their chosen book character. Don’t we look fantastic all dressed up.

Kite Class: Amazonian Tribal Art

This term, year 6 are really enjoyed lino printing. The children started by choosing one of their Amazonian tribal art designs to carefully carve onto a piece of lino.  They then, using a roller, painted their lino and pressed this onto paper.  As you can see their designs look amazing!  The next stage will be to add more carving to their lino and subsequently print

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Kite Class: The Explorer

Kite Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Explorer during Guided reading.  This is an exciting story of four children who find themselves stranded in the Amazonian Rain-forest. Their brave tale has inspired Kite Class to write their own diaries as if they were stranded themselves in The Amazon.  

Kite Class: Electrical Game

Kite Class have really enjoyed designing and making an electrical game to test other peoples knowledge of mountains, rivers and biomes. The aim of the game was to match questions and answers to complete an electrical circuit.  If the player was successful, either a lamp would light or a buzzer would sound.

Kite Class: Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork

Kite Class have been looking at Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork. Whilst different tribes share similarities in the way they produce art, each tribe have their own identity. The children then created their own tribal artwork.  Using lino tiles, Year 6 then engraved a chosen design in preparation for printing next term.

Kite Class: Electricity

In science this term Kite Class have been learning about electricity, they have learnt how electrical components are represented in diagrams. Using their current guided reading book, ‘The Explorer’, the children used their knowledge and skills to construct a ‘sensor’ circuit to detect if any dangerous wild animals enter the camp. Year 6 have also researched and created a booklet on Allessandro Volta,the Italian physicist who invented the electric battery.