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KS1: Great Fire of London Art

Since January, KS1 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Alongside this, we’ve been learning how to make secondary colours from primary colours and how to change the tone of a colour. We mixed our topic with our art to create some vibrant silhouette pictures of the burning London sky line. We think they turned out great!

Penguin, Puffin and Parrot Class: Stratton Fire Visit

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Stratton Fire fighters at the beginning of March. We learnt about firefighting today and thought carefully about how different it was in 1666 when The Great Fire of London broke out. It was so much fun climbing up into the fire engine and squirting the hose! A massive thank you to the firefighters….we had a

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Penguin Class: World Book Day!

We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day in Penguin Class. We got a chance to share our favourite stories with our friends and even got to design our own book cover!

Christmas Play Photos

Here are a few pictures that you are welcome to download of the Christmas Plays that took place in December. Butterfly and Ladybird Classes Ladybird Class Penguin Class 1 Penguin Class 2 Parrot Class Koalas Class 1 Koalas Class 2 Koalas Class 3 Koalas Class 4 Wombat Class 1 Wombat Class 2 Wombat Class 3 Wombat Class 4 Owl Class 1 Owl Class 2

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KS1: Welcome letter Spring Term

KS1: Spring Term Topic Web

KS1: Christmas Pantomime – Aladdin!

The Pantomime came to Westrop this morning! Aladdin flew in on his magical carpet, accompanied by Jasmine, the Genie and sneaky Jafar… All children had a wonderful time joining in with singing the songs and echoing ‘boo’s’ around the hall.        

Penguin, Puffin and Parrot Class: KS1 Photo Request

Penguin Class: Walk around Highworth

Our topic this term is ‘All About Us’  he children have really enjoyed learning about their local area.   We went on a walk, drew maps and found Highworth on the map.   The children have been amazing and have really found it interesting.  

Penguin Class: Senses

In science we have been exploring how we use parts of our bodies to taste, smell, touch, feel and see.  These are our 5 senses.   We used these senses to experiment and explore different fruits, foods, objects and noises.