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Gardening Club

With all the lovely sunshine we’ve been experiencing our vegetable garden has grown out of control! Luckily we had some top helpers to get it back under control!    

A Walk on the Wildside

Today we worked on our topic together and designed animals out of play dough. Can you tell what they are?

Marshmallow & Spaghetti Challenge!

This afternoon, the children were given the challenge to create the tallest tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. They all showed fantastic group work and resilience. Here is some of their creations. Do you think you could complete the challenge? What else could you use instead or marshmallows & spaghetti?

Japanese Flying Carp

The wind was strong this morning so the children decided to brighten up our outdoor areas with some Japanese flying carp!

Where flowers bloom, so does hope!

A busy first half to the week creating all different types of flower crafts! Keep us up to date with your creations from at home too!

Flower Power

Last weeks window theme was rainbows, this week we’ve been given the task of displaying flowers to bring some joy to the community. Join us in creating a flower to display and send us your pictures to post!

Teacher Check In 1

Please see relevant link below for the letter for your child/children’s classes for a check in from their teacher! Butterfly Class Bumblebee Class Puffin Class Kangaroos Class Koala Class Ladybirds Class Owl Class Parrot Class Penguin Class Wombats Class Year 6 – First email to parents

Rainbow Rocks

This afternoon the children worked hard hunting for pebbles and coming up with their own inspiring art designs. The children will be placing them around Highworth – see if you can spot them!

Chalk Art

This morning our children worked hard to work together and create an abstract imagine to represent us joining together. They had lots of fun and were surprised by our end result! Can you guess how we did it?

Rainbow Weather

WOW! What a response we’ve had to our rainbow post. It’s lovely to see you’ve all been keeping busy and getting creative. Take a look at what some of our families have been up to!