Our curriculum continues to evolve each year in order to maintain the excitement and motivation which are key!

At Westrop we ensure a broad and balanced curriculum through the National Curriculum and enhance this through the International Primary Curriculum. Each term we have a host country which the whole school learns key facts and cultural information. Over the year we visit 6 countries which are linked to our Reading Passport. By the time a child leaves Westrop they will have visited 42 countries across the world!

Values are also a focus for our children as they learn the vital skills to allow them to develop as future citizens and effective learners. (see values tab)

Of high importance are the basic skills which allow children to apply their knowledge in problem solving situations. Our homework policy asks for you as parents to encourage children to learn their times tables, read every day and practice their spellings. All these tasks are set for each child on an individual basis and will become more challenging as the year progresses and as each child learns more!

During each term every class has a topic focus based on history or geography, a science focus and an arts focus. You will find more information on these in the class pages so that you can support the children’s knowledge through discussion, research or visits.

Trips, visits and visitors are an integral part of our curriculum with opportunities for these each term. Some may be local and involve a walk, others a coach trip to a site linked to the current topic.

Each child has 2 hours of PE a week plus practical activiies built into lessons . Children like to be active and this helps their learning.In addition we offer a Fun and Fitness 4 All Club which is a free after school activity.

In each of the subject tabs you will find further information on the curriculum for each year group. We regularly hold curriculum sessions for parents and have produced a curriculum booklet which is available to purchase. These booklets cover the specific curriculum in each subject for  each year group.

Please ask if you would like more information.