Octopus Class – An egg-citing discovery

We’ve made an EGG-CITING DISCOVERY! Ahead of our upcoming topic (Weeks 3-7) on dinosaurs, we found in our outdoor area an Ankylosaurus (identified by Austin) and some fossilised dinosaur eggs. We passed them around and inspected them and found that one was cracking open!

With the help of Harry, Miss Rogers was able to excavate the dinosaur baby from the fossilised egg. He was very cute! After having a good luck at him we decided upon a name for our newest member of the class. Some suggestions were Dan, Dino, Spiky, Pretty and Diamond. After a democratic vote we decided on…. DIAMOND!

We then worked together to think of a description for a discovery file (character description) on Diamond the dinosaur. We had some amazing ideas! Here are a few we’d like to share with you:

“Diamond has soft green skin like grass.”- Ryan

“Diamond has yellow spots like polka-dots.”- Harry

“Diamond’s tail is long and green like a snake.”- Elsie

“Diamond has little bumpy spikes.” Bethany

“Diamond is heavy like rocks.” Daisy

“His claws are sharp like knives.” Jacob

We have decided to put the rest of the fossilised eggs under a heat lamp and will be monitoring them daily- we hope they hatch soon!


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