At Westrop we are following The Department for Education’s Phonics Scheme called Letters and Sounds in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and through KS2 where needed.

Westrop Letter & Sounds overview


          Song of Sounds is a resource that we use to support the teaching of the sounds outlined in Letters and Sounds through catchy songs and rhythmic actions.



Please click the link below to hear the song and see the sounds.

WARNING! It will get stuck in your head.


Song of Sounds is split up into 3 stages which link to the sounds taught from Letters and Sounds.

Stage 1 Song of Sounds (Phase 2 & 3 Letters and Sounds)

Stage 1 is covered in Reception and go through all of the initial 26 sounds of the alphabet and the first set of simple digraphs such as the combination letters ss, ll, and ch, sh and th

Stage 1 song



Stage 1 Sound Mat

Below are the Stage 1 sounds and tricky words that the children will learn.

Stage 1 Sound Mat


Stage 2 Song of Sounds (Phase 3/4/5 Letters and Sounds)

Stage 2 is covered mainly in Year 1 and introduces new digraphs and trigraphs along with sound families for example, different ways the ‘a’ sound can be made (a_e, ai, ay)


Stage 2 Song of Sounds SONG


Stage 2 Sound Mat

Below are all of the sounds in Stage 2 and the tricky words the children will learn.

Stage 2 Sound Mat


Stage 3 Song of Sounds (Phase 5 Letters and Sounds and Y2 National Curric)

Stage 3 is covered in Year 2 and consolidates sounds whilst also teaching more complex graphemes outlined in the Year 2 curriculum e.g. ‘s sound represented by c /se / ce.


Stage 3 Song of Sounds SONG


Stage 3 Sound Mat

Here are the Stage 3 sounds and tricky words the children will learn.

Stage 3 Sound Mat