Seahorse – Learning about plants

This term we have been learning all about plants, in the last week of the term we had great fun looking at different bulbs. We have come to the end of our science unit looking at plants and growing.


Our focus for the lesson was to look at plant ‘bulbs’ and their properties. We started the lesson by re-capping what we had looked at so far and how plants germinate. We then moved onto looking at three different types of plant bulbs which were: onion , garlic and red onion. Our task was to cut up the bulbs and draw what we could see then scientifically describe this. We then had to label our bulb diagram. We learnt that bulbs have a: tunic , roots , basal stem , flower bud and scales.

We have had great fun looking at plants, but our classroom got a bit smelly from all of the garlic bulbs![Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”148″ gal_title=”2015/16 Seahorse learning about plants”]


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