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Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Term 5 Topic Web

Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Fun in the sun!

Today we made the most of the sunny weather and went outside on the field for an ice cream and some fun. We all really enjoyed the choc ices even though most of it ended up around the children’s mouths!

Dragonflies Class: Making Easter Gardens

Today, we had a visit from our friends from St. Michael’s church, who came to our classes to tell us the story of why we celebrate Easter. In the story, we learned about a king who rose from the dead and the people celebrated it! This king, Jesus, was buried in a tomb in a garden, so we made an Easter garden all of

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Dragonflies Class: Space Day

We had an amazing time on our space day. Butterfly and Dragonfly class all looked fantastic dressed up in our space costumes, with some great effort put in by parents! Amongst the fun activities, we made stars and planets, set off rockets, and threw asteroids! It was really nice for Key Stage 1 to join in with us as well, and we’ve been back

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Butterflies & Dragonflies Classes: Chinese New Year

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year. We started off the day with a workshop to teach us all about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. The children loved learning about the dragon and the lion and some of us even got to try on the heads! We were then taught a dragon dance and the children were turned into a dragon

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Butterflies & Dragonfles Classes: Pirate Day!

Our topic this term has been about pirates, and on Friday, Butterfly and Dragonfly class had our very own Pirate Day. We all dressed up in pirate costumes, and had made our own hats and eye patches earlier in the week, to make us look even more pirate-y! In the day we went on a treasure hunt to recover some of the things a

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Butterflies, Dragonflies & Ladybird Classes: Christmas Sharing Assembly

We have all certainly been busy this term, especially with our Christmas play! It was fabulous, and all the children tried really hard and had lots of songs to learn. This sharing assembly, we discussed all the exciting things we have been doing in the run up to Christmas. We sang a song we learnt about Elves helping pack Santa’s sleigh, along with songs

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Butterflies and Dragonflies Classes: Christmas Party

Wow, what a fun Christmas party we have had! Thank you to the parents for the donations of all the yummy food which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Butterfly and Dragonfly class loved having the Christmas party together and really enjoyed all the singing, dancing and eating!

Butterflies, Dragonflies & Ladybird Classes: EYFS Sharing Assembly

On the last day of term we had a very special afternoon where Ladybird, Butterfly and Dragonfly class all got together for an assembly where we shared work we have been doing and gave out some special certificates. Butterfly and Dragonfly class shared some songs about the work we have been doing in class and at the end of the assembly we all learnt

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Butterflies, Dragonflies & Ladybird classes: Autumn Extravaganza

We hope you all enjoyed our Autumn Extravaganza. Mr Smith has written a poem to celebrate harvest and our wonderful afternoon! Around this time we think of those Who make our food for us We’re thankful and we celebrate By kicking up a fuss The nights are getting longer still And trees begin to change With colours rich of red and brown The famers

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