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Koalas Class: Measuring fun

This week we have been learning about mass. We have been weighing lots of things around us. It was fun to estimate how many grams different objects weighed. We used a selection of analogue and digital scales to help with our measuring.  You can see how hard we were concentrating as we read the scales!

Koalas Class: Class trip to We the Curious

As part of our science topic, we visited the fantastic science museum We the Curious in Bristol. Everybody was busy hands on all day on different games and activities. The science workshop about the human body really reinforced what we had been learning in the classroom. We even got to see the inside of a real cow’s lung! You can see in the photos

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Koala class: How do our muscles work?

Today we spent the afternoon exploring how our muscles help us move by working in pairs. They do this by contracting and relaxing. The children built and labelled working 3D models of the forearm using kitchen rolls, split pins and balloons! They were marvellous and you could really see which muscle contacted and relaxed, depending on the movement of the hinge joint.

We The Curious Science Museum

Koalas Class: Term 5 Topic Web

Koala class: Mr/Mrs Benn Dress up

In literacy we have been looking at adventure stories, and who better to explore adventures with than Mr Benn! We have introduced Koala class to Mr Benn and how his adventures occur. We spent last week looking at an adventure in close detail. This week the children will be writing their own….But not before they visit our very own curious costume shop!  Here are

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Swimming Lessons

Koalas Class: Term 4 Topic Web

Koalas Class: Fruit salad

This week we have been very busy writing and following instructions in the form of recipes. First we looked at some poorly written instructions and tried to follow them. Next we wrote some instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. After that we made the jam sandwiches according to the instructions (with some hilarious results and a lot of rapid green pen editing)!

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Koalas Class: How to save Alice

Our new Topic is down the rabbit hole (Alice in Wonderland). As a class we were quite concerned that Alice fell quite a long way down the rabbit hole…so we decided to design and build devices that would a) Slow Alice down b) Cushion the impact c) Distribute the force of impact d) A mix of the above The children first came and chose

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