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Falcons & Owls Classes: Deforestation news reports

Falcon and Owl Class joined together to film their news reports about deforestation in the rainforests.  They worked together in small groups helping with auto-cues, lighting, and music.

Owls Class: D.T morning at Warneford

Today Owl Class spent the morning at Warneford School. During this time they made a key ring of their choice. To make the key ring they used felt and had to sew all of the pieces together.  Their sewing skills were very impressive!

Owls & Falcons Classes: Term 6 Topic Web

Owls Class: Diversity Hands

In Owl Class we have looked at an artist from Ecuador called Oswaldo Guayasamin, this artist created a famous painting called Diversity Hands. Guayasamin’s art really speaks to the ever changing and diverse artistic youth. He is considered one of the best painters in South America. Owl class had a go at replicating his Diversity Hands artwork. We hope you like it!

Falcons & Owls Classes: Term 5 Topic Web

Falcons & Owls Classes: Visit to Shrivenham Defence Academy

Falcon and Owl Class had a great day visiting Shrivenham Defence Academy where they had the opportunity to see and compare different weapons, small artillery and tanks ranging from World War 2 to present day. They were lucky to be allowed to eat lunch whilst sat on the tanks. A big thank you to all the personnel from the Defence Academy to allow the children this amazing

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Falcons & Owls Classes: World War II Day

To finish our topic,Falcon and Owl class enjoyed coming in for a day dressed up as people from WWII. Both classes took part in various activities in the hall. We were lucky that Mr John Harvey (Ella’s grand-dad) came in to share his experiences and answer questions from the children about growing up during the war.

Owl Class: World Book Day

Owl class had a great World Book Day! All the children dressed up as their favourite book character and bought in their favourite books. The children also shared their favourite books with Octopus class. Thank you to everyone for dressing up, you looked amazing!

Falcons & Owls Classes: Term 4 Topic Web

Falcons & Owls Classes: Performing to the school

This term Falcon and Owl class have been learning to sing the Adele song ‘To make you feel my love’. Some of the children accompanied them by playing the jambay drums, guitar and keyboard. They then performed this song in front of the rest of the school.