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Turtles Class: Decorating our sea biscuits

What a brilliant afternoon! Today we added our under-the-sea designs to our biscuits which Miss Rogers baked for us last night. We used a range of goodies to re-create our pictures such as chocolate chips for rocks and coral, laces for octopus legs and jelly fish tentacles, strips for seaweed and moulding icing to make a range of ocean critters. We think they look

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Turtles Class: Baking Cookies

Today in Turtle Class we tried our hand at being the next ‘star bakers’.  We decided to re-create some of the snacks from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, and thought that some biscuits would be a good place to start. We worked together in our colour teams to follow the recipe and take it in turns to carry out each step. Creaming butter and sugar

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Turtles Class: Holiday Clues

Today in Turtle class we ‘dressed up our writing’. We have been thinking about exciting ways to show all the writing techniques that we have learnt in Year 2. Today each team had a suitcase with some holiday props and photographs in to try and write exciting sentences about. We used the clues to write exciting sentences using subordinating conjunctions such as ‘if,’ ‘when’

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Turtles Class: Seaside Art

We have been getting creative here in Turtle class as we embark on a range of seaside crafts. This week we have been focusing on adding some items to our seaside board. Keeping with the theme of The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch, we had a go at creating some of those pesky seagulls! We made paper plate seagulls whose wings actually flap- come and see

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Turtles Class: Moving mechanisms on our lighthouses

Following the success of our lighthouse designs, we have been working together today to complete the moving parts on our Lighthouses. Some of us opted to create a moving wheel using a cotton reel, with lots of us opting to create a pulley-wheel using a bottle top as witnessed on our demonstration. We thought about how we could create a basket and connect it

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Turtles Class: Lighthouses

This week in Turtle class we have been working together to get the lighthouse keeper his lunch! We started our project by looking at a range of moving toys and looking at how different contraptions work including hinges, magnets, pulleys and wind-up toys. Lots of fun was had racing wind-up toys and investigating pulleys! After reading the Lighthouse keeper’s lunch we decided that we

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Turtles Class: Arabic Art

Today in Turtle Class we took part in a whole-school Global Project based on Arabic Art. We had a look at the intricate beauty of Arabic calligraphy and tried our hand at re-creating our own name in Arabic. We first practised writing our name, before using ink to make our designs really stand out. We created a range of Arabic style designs in watercolour

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Turtles Class: Space Day

Turtles Class: Space Dome

Today Turtle class were lucky enough to be visited by Explorer Dome. Jonas and Russell took us inside and we were very excited to watch their spectacular show which catapulted us into outer space. We witnessed colourful planets, swirling constellations and a twinkling night sky. We learned the stories of some of the most famous stars and were able to ask our favourite space

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Turtles & Dolphins Classes: Year 2 SATS presentation

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