Turtles Class: Castle Architects

Throughout the past few weeks we have been fine-tuning our knowledge about castles and how they are built. After having looked at the different parts of a castle, labelling features such as the keep, tower and ramparts, we then went on to think about how castles have changed over time. We used these facts to think about the defensive and structural advantages and disadvantages of different castles and chose our favourite.

Our final step before designing our own castle was to find the perfect location for our new build. We looked at different land features such as cliffs, valleys and mountains and thought about what each location could offer to a new castle build. We came up with ideas such as how easy the castle is to attack, how far we can see enemies coming from and the proximity to food.

After placing our castle we then worked in teams to design a new castle, abiding by the criteria:
keeps enemies out, has room for lots of people and our own criteria.

We worked cooperatively to build our castles using different craft materials, and then painted them. Miss Rogers taught us building techniques such as how to work together to take apart and rebuild a box, how to make hinges, and how to cut and tape slits to attach towers, as well as a brick sponging method. She was really impressed with how well we worked together and how brilliant our castles look- we think you’ll be impressed too!

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