Wombat Class: Ashmoleon Visit

On Monday, Wombat Class along with Koala and Kangaroo class went on a trip to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford. We were all very excited as we had been learning about the Anglo Saxons in previous terms, and now, we were in the presence of some real artefacts from hundreds of years ago. Our group started with a hands on investigation of an Anglo Saxon burial. We looks at objects found in a grave, and had to deduce what they were, and what they were used for. Amongst other things, there were dice, jewellery, and even a device for cleaning out your earwax!

After a quick stop for lunch we did some crafts. Looking at historical coins, we had to decide what we would put on our own coin if were to be minted. Wombat class had some very interesting ideas on what they would like instead of the Queen’s head! Then we made our own brooches, fit for the fiercest warriors to wear.

Finally, we had some time to look around the money gallery. This was a collection of the museums coins from thousands of years ago to the present day. As well as noticing the difference in size and value of coins throughout the ages, some of the boys were very taken with a game of shove ha’penny!

It was a wonderful experience and we all feel like we learned a lot on our day at the Ashmoleon. I can only apologise if your children demand to be taken there over and over again!


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